Old Timers

Thought for the Morning

Psalm 71:9 Do not cast me off in the time of old age; Do not forsake me when my strength fails.

We all get older. When we are considered an old timer, we may get the feeling that we become useless for the Lord, but this is not the case. We only have to search the Scripture to see how God used older saints to accomplish His plans. We have examples of Joshua and Caleb. They were not young when the promised land was cleared of all the enemy.

Our strength may be seen as failing and we are not as physically strong as we were in our 20s or 30s. But with age should come wisdom, based on our life’s experience through the years. Hopefully our walk has been with the Lord, allowing him to direct our every step. He has taught us through our experiences. There have been many valley situations and many mountaintop experiences that the Lord has allowed us to encounter.

Hopefully, with the Lord’s help, we have gained wisdom through these times. Job went through many hard times but he says, “Wisdom is with aged men, And with length of days, understanding” (Job 12:12)

In our own life, even as we get older. our past experiences should be thought of as learning experiences to be applied as we go on. You only put your hand on a hot stove once.

But acquired wisdom, as you get older, is not only for yourself, but it is something that should be shared with others. Those you know travel the same roads you have traveled and have run into the same problems you have. We older ones are here to help others along the way. Hopefully by our walk we are capable of being of help, not only in counsel, but in prayer.

God does “not cast us off in the time of old age”. He will use us to help others. Just a thought for the morning.


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